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Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory (MICL)


Imaging CNS Receptors

Target: TSPO, PDE1

PET radiotracer candidate: GE387, SK42

In addition to aggregate pathology, many neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the presence of activated microglia which are indicators of neuroinflammation. TSPO is probably the most studied neuroinflammation biomarker, however efforts are still being made with the goal of developing a better PET imaging agent. The main limitation of current TSPO radiotracers is due to genetic polymorphism found in the TSPO.

We have identified a new promising PET imaging radiotracer candidate and have developed its synthesis, separation into enantiomers and radiosynthesis. Detailed in vivo studies are currently underway to establish potential this new candidate has.

Another example is PDE1 receptor which we target to gain deeper understanding of the role PDE1 plays in neurological disorders. We have developed PET radiotracer candidate SK42 which shows promising preliminary in vivo data.