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Dr Dave Williamson


Dave gained a BSc in Physiology/Pharmacology from Hatfield Polytechnic in 1989 and immediately joined the Merck Sharp and Dohme Neuroscience Research Centre in Harlow. Dave spent 2 years in the Department of Behavioral Pharmacology conducting preclinical operant tests of cognition, then moved to the newly created In Vivo Pharmacology Group where he worked on a number of Neuroscience projects such as migraine, pain, depression schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.  During his time at the Neuroscience Research Centre Dave gained a PhD in 2000 after developing a novel preclinical Migraine Model.

Dave joined the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre in 2007 as the Head of PET Biology, with responsibility for conducting in vivo imaging mostly in preclinical models of Stroke.  More recently, the emphasis has turned to dementia and he is currently involved in the development of novel PET tracers targeted at the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease using preclinical imaging methods and in vitro techniques including human tissues.